Lawn Enforcement

Whoever said the grass looked greener on the other side obviously hasn’t seen our lawns. If you’re of the mentality that the age of a business directly correlates with their expertise, then we’ve got some good news. Heck, if you don’t believe that, then we’ve still got brilliant news. We’ve been delivering quality, innovative landscape services for many years now ­ and we’re bloody good at it.

When it comes to landscaping, we don’t just cut grass ­ we manicure lawns. Our team of horticultural experts are intelligent, creative, innovative, and professional. We understand the importance of an aesthetically attractive landscape, whilst simultaneously appreciating that your garden also embodies your personality. This is why we carefully curate individually tailored landscape architecture that suits you and your family. We offer an extensive range of landscaping services including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding, pruning, fertilising, mulching, tree lopping, landscaping, garden clean­ups, gutter cleaning, and rubbish removal (phew!). If you’ve got dreams of a pristine garden, leaf it to us ­ we’ll make those dreams come true.

Your garden is actually quite indicative of your mental state: you’re happy when your lawns happy, but simultaneously, when life gets chaotic your lawn turns into a representative for your state of mind ­ unruly and disorganised. That’s where Lawn Enforcement comes in, taking care of your garden and your mind.