Garden Maintenance

Why spend your weekends trolling your way through your garden, scratching your arms to oblivion, when you can get someone else to do it for you? Maintaining the perfect garden is something that requires a tonne of time and effort, which is a rare commodity in today’s urban age. Lawn Enforcement acts the way a lawn enforcer should ­by making sure that your garden is never, ever unkempt. It’s our pleasure.

When you’ve got knowledge like ours, you’d also be inclined to spread to those you meet. That’s why as part of our maintenance program we offer professional advice on how to properly nurture your yard and garden. But just because we educate, it doesn’t mean we expect you to be getting down on your hands and knees. We offer a range of upkeep services such as lawn mowing, fertilising, mulching, weeding, replanting, hedge trimming, and leaf cleaning, which basically means that if you’ve got a garden that doesn’t have a glow to it, then we’ll make sure it does.

In Australian climate, it is essential to keep your garden hydrated to ensure their survival during those toughest periods. But it isn’t as simple as chucking a sprinkler onto the garden and hoping for the best; you need to look from the bottom up, starting with the soil. We’ll let you in on a little industry secret: frequent watering does nothing. For plants to become strong and healthy, they need deep watering ­something that occurs when you’ve got great soil that allows the plants roots to spread out. We ensure that your soil is giving your plants the most nutrients, allowing for them to thrive and flourish, even in the great Australian heat.

We don’t just have green thumbs ­our whole body is green! We work meticulously to reclaim areas of overgrowth and built­up detritus in our customer’s gardens, whilst simultaneously offering environmentally friendly techniques that cater to the unpredictable Australian climate.

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