Lawn Mowing

Whoever said the grass looked greener on the other side obviously hasn’t seen our lawns. Whether you’re in need of regular visits by our expert gardeners or are in need of a one­ off job to help lighten the load, we can cater to all your lawn needs. Regardless of how often you need our services, that hard, mundane work that you undertake on your Sunday mornings is soon to be replaced with a well deserved sleep in, followed by a champagne lunch. We’ll drink to that.

We can tailor a package to suit your needs perfectly. If you’re in dire need of some fertiliser to stimulate regrowth, grubs have taken over your lawn, or your precious feet constantly walking through bindies, then these are issues that need to be fixed. We repair and reseed when necessary, using the latest cutting­edge mowing equipment (that really cuts!) to remove all weeds, organic debris, and provide you with quality edging. Before your eyes, your lawn will be transformed into a sanctuary fit for picnics­ you might not even have to bring a rug!

Residential, commercial, industrial ­ we cater to all types of property. As your commercial green space is often the first impression of your business, an untidy or unkempt area could impact sales and service ­ and we’re not talking positively. So if your business is in need of a makeover ­ then start with your lawn!

Gone are the days where you’re competing with your neighbours plush green lawn, facing consistent embarrassment at your overgrown, slightly yellow one. Lawn Enforcement ensures that you’re not only spending your Sunday mornings overlooking your beautiful garden with a cup of tea in hand, but that you’re the envy of your neighbours whilst doing so.


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